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I found this case study on P&G and innovation, it has some good info about their use of IT and at the end is a list of references that we can probably look into:



How P&G management got employees to use social media:






P&G uses telepresence to go green






Managed File Transfer (MTF): software solutions that manage secure transfer of data from one computer to another over a network such as the internet. Built using file transfer protocol (FTP) network protocol but eliminates some of the disadvantages of FTP (they are often unmonitored and unsecure)


Facilitates exchange of information online with partners, suppliers, customers, and other consituents


Managed File Transfer (MTF) offered by companies like Axway, adds visibility, governance, and community management to the file transfer process. Enable secure, auditable, and easy to manage business to business (B2B), Application to Application (A2A) and adhoc information exchange within existing infrastructures


Challenges to file transfers: transferring information between different platforms, applications, people, and formats, growing number of trade partners on different technology pages, and the need for secure information that keeps pace with B2B standards, compliance, and regulatory demands


Because of MFT, do not have to use unsecure FTP or expensive dedicated networks and proprietary software


Benefits of Axway’s MFT:


Visibility: allows you to know where files are at all times, or when a file moves in and out of enterprise


Security and governance: broad array of security measures to prevent data loss and improve governance, offers complete audit trails (helps with regulation and compliance)


Powerful (and easy) community management: improves risk and increases customer satisfaction by creating secure connections that streamlines how you provision (obtain supplies), manage, and interact with trading partners.  




Axway and P&G:


In an effort to optimize relationships with trading partners, Procter and Gamble adopted Axway’s B2B solution for external managed file transfers (MFT)

Offers P&G security and real-time visibility and control, which improves communication within and outside the company. Also offers agility to react to changes in the supply chain


P&G uses Axway’s MTF to transfer orders, invoices, shipment notifications, and other messages to partners in the supply chain. Axway’s gateway at P&G handles more than one million file transfers per month


Axway solution benefits:

Consolidates diverse MTF communications into single framework


Automates manual processes (enhances efficiencies and reduces costs)


Easy on boarding of new partners no matter their technical capabilities (allows P&G to have more partners)


Peer-to-peer network with active dual site failover (switch to standby computer system, server, or network upon failure of application, system, server, or network) to ensure supply chain stays in motion (yields almost 100% uptime)


Visible, secure, and managed file transfers leading to better communication, guaranteed compliance with industry and government standards, and lower data risk


"Today, smart companies are creating a co-innovation infrastructure to enable higher-level innovation. Procter & Gamble is a leader in this, leveraging their relationships with partners and other companies, improving success rates with aggressive sustainability and product innovation goals, while realizing increased cost savings.” Dave Bennett, chief technology officer at Axway.




Improves partner trading relationships


Companies like P&G who rely on smooth functioning network need the best possible technology to safe-guard supply chain, which includes a safe and reliable file transfer system.


Reliable supply chain gets product to distributors and customers quicker and makes company more profitable


Transmission failures and system downtime would hurt entire supply chain and have a negative impact on profitability




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